Ms. Bùi Thu Ling – The Founder and Manager of ALT Learning school Singapore – The Pioneer in the Field of Education

Ms. Bui Thu Ling with full of her hard work and admirable dedication to education, future generation training programs, she has been nominated for her excellent accomplishment as being the Top Pioneer in the Field of Education.

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Removing difficulties to welcome “The Golden Age” of GDP

Most experts are optimistic, and even believe that our nation’s economy in 2018 will develop even better than the miraculous growth level in 201...

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Andy Murray smiles brightly with his beautiful wife

He did it! Andy Murray smiles broadly as he arrives at the star-studded Wimbledon Champions Dinne r with his beautiful wife Kim Sears after brilliant straight...

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The 9 most wonderful and mysterious caves in the world

In the remote areas, they are formed by removing large limestone blocks or enormous holes which are left behind by the sea, spectacular caves are the nature's artworks where traveler's passion can be satisfied. If you do...

Leader Talk "Finding Gold: Central region of Vietnam” and The Best Brands Award 2018: The night of diffuse pleasures

"BSIN & WLIN Business Festival" took place on August 28 & 29, 2018, was not only  an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, but also for talented leaders together share every ”hot”...

Nam Huong Media & Event successfully organized the event "BSIN & WLIN Business Festival"

On 28 and 29 August 2018, "BSIN & WLIN Business Festival" was held at Laguna Lăng Cô - a fully integrated international resort in Vietnam. The event was exclusively performed by Nam Huong Media & Event and...

Being criticized for winning "ugly", Enrique got angry with the media

(Bstyle)-Barca won 2-0 gently to maintain the top position on Betis football court, after the game, coach Enrique was angry with the media when they did not think his team played well.

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Sự kiện " Chiến lược cho thế hệ kế thừa & Cơ hội đầu tư cho tương lai "

Một doanh nghiệp không thể phát triển lâu dài nếu không có thế hệ kế thừa, chính vì vậy việc đầu tư cho thế hệ trẻ chính là...
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