(Bstyle)-Pham Nguyen Confectionery has received US $ 9.3 million from Mizuho ASEAN Investment LP, a private equity investment fund managed by Mizuho Asia Partners. Ltd.

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Đối thủ của Orion Việt Nam vừa nhận được 9,3 triệu đôla từ quỹ đầu tư Nhật Bản

Mr. Kota Igarashi, Executive Director of Mizuho Asia Partners said the reason to invest into Pham Nguyen is due to the initiative of building distributrition systems, management team and strategic development of the company.

Investing an amount of 9.3 million dollars, but this fund will not participate in the administration, but let Pham Nguyen be self-propelled, use this capital to expand the factory, product development and investments in marketing, sales ...

Founded in 1990, Pham Nguyen manufacture products in four main product groups under their brands. These products include soft cake with the brand 'ChocoPN', 'Sosof', 'Phaner Pie', 'Bon', crackers with brands 'Limo', 'ChipsP & N', 'Oscar', chocolate candy Chocolates PN' and 'Popit', and freshly baked bread with the brand 'Otto' and 'Mam'.

Not only exported to 16 countries around the world, the product of Pham Nguyen is now being widely distributed to 52,000 retail outlets in Vietnam.
Reportedly, Pham Nguyen is leading in soft cakes segment in 2015 with sales of over 30 million, an average annual growth of 15% / year, compared to an industry growth is around 5%.

Total consumption of Pham Nguyen each month is at 20 million packs of candy. 2016, Pham Nguyen set a sales target at 739 billion.


Nhan Nguyen

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