(Bstyle)-One of the unique culture of Goldman Sachs is communication skill with others.

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Muốn trở thành nhân viên Goldman Sachs, bạn nhất định phải có kỹ năng này!

Prior to co-founding Solemates - a brand of women's shoes care product in 2009, Becca Brown had worked at Goldman Sachs for 6 years.

Brown graduated from Harvard University and had an MBA from Columbia University. While working at Goldman Sachs, Brown spent a lot of time interviewing candidates for a job at the bank - where she held various positions as Property analyst and consultancy and HR Manager. She also participated in Harvard's recruitment team of the bank.

"I interviewed from about 20-30 candidates each year, so during those years at Goldman Sachs haI ve interviewed about 100 people. And the only single skill I expected from all candidates was their ability to communicate well".

She said that the ability to communicate clearly is very important for any piece of work and it is especially important at Goldman Sachs.

"One of the unique culture of Goldman Sachs is good communication with others. Quite a lot of people I used to work or when dealing with here also showed professionalism and resourcefulness ".

Even if you do not know the answer to a particular question, Brown said that the reaction of the Goldman Sachs staff certainly will always be: "I will find out the answer" - and he always do.

"This quality is always important for any organization, and it creates the atmosphere for the whole team to work hard for the common good. Good communication skills are important factors for the success of both individuals and organizations."

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