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Object to use this private space?

Understand who will use bathroom to help design and layout accordingly to personality and taste. Especially in a large family, a common bathroom should be arranged about space, sanitary equipment and items to make all members to feel comfortable when using, no individual deep selfness. Small toilet, even if without bathtub, but should be right care to be harmonious with general design of the house, also to make comfort feeling when using a well-equipped one. Bathroom for children seems to have most strict requests. By first, safety factor, fit height of equipment and children should be on top, but need to assure correctly with children’s growth.

Is bathroom placed in a suitable location?

Small bathroom should to be placed on ground floor, to be used by guests or family gathering. While main bathroom need to be placed near or inside bedroom.


Maderia Cast Iron Bath with Blenheim Basins and Abingdon washstands in Rose Gold


Does the bathroom show the style and taste of users?

Colors therapy plays a very important role in emotion and design of a bathroom or normally just a small restroom. You have to consider the question 1 carefully when deciding to choose the colors and materials in order to decorate bathroom. Bright colors such as red and yellow will help creating lively to children bathroom, meantime deeper color such as eggshell or light grey will be suitable with small toilet. Properly about main bathroom, a gentle space will bring relaxing emotions to owner after hard working times.

If budget and space are allowed, a bathtub will bring a perfect relaxing place. However, with a narrow bathroom, modern multifunction showers with massage effect water rays will bring really pleasure moments.


mirrors and poster above green cabinet in modern CZVG8F5


Is the light used reasonably?

It would be best to place a light above the mirror and one in shower area, or at least the common light is sufficient for this area. Light switch must be matched the height of the person who will often use the bathroom, especially with limited height of children. Through, natural light should be used maximum in bathroom to make soothing atmosphere. Avoid using too strong light in the bathroom to create offensive traits in the general design. Lights, switches, and sockets must be used bathroom dedicated type with special anti-short circuit design by water or vapor.

Do you have enough space in the storage?

Storage in bathroom needs to be minded carefully. As usual, the answer of question number 1 will help you to decide how reasonable the storage to be arranged with purposes or style of user.


Project Erica Bathroom F03 HIGH RES


You need a place to store personal items near the sink, or convenient for cosmetics. You have to care the smallest thing because it is nothing better than when coming in this room, everything helps you to feel comfortable with the neatness, tidy, usability and clean.

Finishing material?

You should also consider about quantity of finished wall and floor materials. Normally materials for wall and floor in addition to aesthetic factors, the requirements of easy cleaning, waterproof are factors need to be well noted. Besides, the requirement for slip resistance is important with floor materials.udget related matter.

Planning and budget expected are always never an excess, it will help you to achieve the target with a most reasonable cost. Meanwhile, choosing brand and species for sanitary equipment is very important because the budget is usually taken 50% to 80% of total cost for this room.


spacious black bathroom with big windows PKQQAHX



With owner who has high requirements about aesthetic and perfection of function, advisories of designers will help you very much in choosing materials, colors, arrangement devices and lights with the most optimal in specific condition about acreage, using requirement, and cost. Specially, thorough solutions about technique such as way, slope of water supply and drainage pipes, snorkels … are extremely important factors to bring the success of this special area.

Written by phuongthao

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