According to Toyota's announcement, LY 650 has a length of nearly 20 meters, becoming the fourth flagship of Lexus to join the collection including 3 car models: LS, LX and LC coupé650 which will represent pure values of this company on the sea.

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LY 650


As a luxury car company, Lexus is not outside this game when in early 2017, the company has "unveiled" a high-speed yacht - Twin V8 Sport Yacht Concept. Although it is only an idea, the Sport Yacht Concept has been well-supported by positive public reception, making Lexus decide to commercialize a luxury yacht model.

The detail information about the model of Lexus LY 650 luxury yacht is not announced by Toyota, but it is almost certain that this yacht model will be located in luxury class. Because Lexus has entered the adventure of exploring the world of cuisine, design, cinema, considering it as a new opportunity to interact with the brand.


Lexus LY 650 luxury yacht 15


Compared to Lexus on-line cars using the “L-finesse” language currently, the LY 650 luxury yacht goes against when it is a collection of curved curves. Its most obvious connection to Lexus cars is the back-mounted L-shaped logo and bronze color that is often used on its models. While the Sport Yacht Concept is a high-speed yacht, LY 650 is more about traveling on water and has 65.5-foot overall length (19.96 m) produced by Marquis-Larson Boat Group. This company has a lot of experiences in producing luxury yachts and is also the unit participating in designing concept for Sport Yacht

LY 650 luxury yacht is arranged in 3 rooms, in which the main room of LY 650 is the most luxurious with expensive furniture, leather upholstery, stylized ceilings and large - sized television screen can be reduced. In the room, there is also a bar, kitchen and main control area with two driver seats and three monitor screens. Not only fully integrated with advanced facilities such as a villa, but this luxury yacht also has room for 6 people who can stay on the river or the big sea. Inside the main room, the floor of LY 650 features an L-shaped logo drawn from a metal brace.


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Although it carries the Lexus logo, however, LY 650 does not use dynamical system from Japanese automakers. Instead, the superyacht will be equipped with Volvo IPS 1200 or Volvo IPS 1350 marine engine. In order for LY 650 to float many days at sea, its fuel tank can accommodate up to 3,785 liters. The freshwater tank has a volume of 852 liters. Lexus did not mention the selling price but revealed that LY 650 will be sold in the US market from the second half of 2019

According Business Style publication