In the remote areas, they are formed by removing large limestone blocks or enormous holes which are left behind by the sea, spectacular caves are the nature's artworks where traveler's passion can be satisfied. If you do not try them, you can not know those cave bring to such wild spirit.

While Chinese engineers seem to have an obsession with glass-bottomed walkways, they are also experts in building high bridges - very high ones.

(Bstyle)-Are you passionate about travelling, yearning to conquer new lands but ...broke?. Do not worry, we suggest you the following destinations, though it doesn’t require so much money but will please even the most discerning travelers.

(Bstyle) -After the success of “The best golf Poll Vietnam in 2015”, in 22/4, Vietnam Golf magazine (VGM) will continue to deliver a professional playing field for golfers in Vietnam: Golf Tournament "Swing for Vietnam & Mercedes Trophy Qualifier” - for future Vietnam golfers."

Therefore , only at The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant , from any location, outside terrace or in the lounge room , you can watch the Hanoi from above or breathing the fresh air at an altitude of more than 100m compared with the ground .

Photographer captures incredible images of the country’s breath-taking forests, islands and the snow-capped Himalayas, far away from the bustling metropolises.