In today's dynamic time, women not only in the West but also in Asia do not have difficulties in enjoying wine with their relatives and friends after a stressful day of work, or at parties. The image of the woman with wine glass on the media has contributed significantly to the development of modern culture.

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Reminding wine, people often think of males, because the men consume large amount of alcoholic drink not only in Vietnam but also on statistics of subjects on the consumption of alcoholic drink in the world. In parties, meetings, daily meals, whether they are happy or sad, they have to drink a little wine or beer to get spirit before meals or under pressure. Therefore, men are truly "alcoholic".

However, women must also be mentioned. Women don't drink wine anytime, anywhere. They drink some wine while having a good time with friends or family gatherings. In particular, during meetings with partners, female leaders often drink some light wine such as rosé or sweet wine. It has been called rosé because it has light pink, not as red as Bordeaux wine, or light yellow like Champagne region. Pink reflects the elegance of the glass in accordance with the style of elegant ladies in the party.


Is the future less rosy for rose wine


According to the sharing of wine production companies, rosé is made of red grape varieties, but grape juice is not much exposed to grape skins to keep the light pink color, the taste is not as strong as some commonly used red wine now. And how is rosé presented in life? Come back in the middle of 600-500 BC, Phoenicians came to the Mediterranean region which has a cool and warm climate. And these people have developed a special job of making rosé. The rosé really flourished in the XIII century, the town of Provence became famous for making rosé as a tribute to the French kings and the Pope on the orders of Bourgogne Duke. The first layers of grape juice were offered to the aristocracy in society at that time. The part of red wine that is popular today, was reserved for the slaves in the old society. The concept of white wine can be said to be completely non-existent at the time, because green grapes were not used to make wine popularly in ancient times.


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Around the twentieth century, rosé was gradually not popular by the rise of red wine of Bordeaux region in the world. While, rosé is only popular in France. To bring rosé to the world, French wine producers such as Chateau Simone and LA Commanderie de Peyrassol increased the quality of rose to meet the export criteria in the 1980s. The position of rosé began to recover in the beginning of XXI because French wine producers began investing in technologies and grape varieties. Rosé in Vietnam market is also quite popular due to its characteristic sweetness and beautiful color that are suitable for Vietnamese dishes and tastes.

Regarding the method of producing rosé, there are mainly three main methods. The first method is similar to producing red wine. Grape juice exposes the appropriate amount of grape skins during the fermentation process. The tannins in grape seeds (tannins that make up the characteristic acrid taste of wine) and the pigments on the grape skins will gradually penetrate the grape juice to create a suitable blend of flavor and color for rosé lines. The second method is also known as Saignee / Bleeding, manufacturers produce grape juice to respond with grape skins for a certain time (about 1-3 days depending on the desired color). After that, the producers decanted the first layer of water to produce rosé. In addition, there is a method of producing rosé that mixes white wine into red wine in approriate proportion to create flavor and color for wine. This method is quite controversial because it is contrary to the method of making traditional rosé of France, so it is not popular in France and some wine producing countries. Excepted for Champagne, producers in Champagne mix white wine and red wine together to create Champagne that is pink.


Glasses of Rose Wine


Some types of rosé can be mentioned: Petit Tout Simple bottle of famous Provence district. This wine is not sweet with harmonious taste and eye-catching color. This wine is made from three grape varieties: Cinsault, Grenache, and Mourvedre.

Wine is another aspect of romantic France for gentlemen and ladies who love gentle flavors. Rosé is combination of classic and modern factors. At home on rainy days, drinking a little rosé with light snacks will warm up in the cold air.

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