(Bstyle)-Representing Malaysian entrepreneurs participating in Top International Business Style Awards 2018, Mr. Iko in – Founder  of In Publishers Sdn Bhd gave his statement about the hottest topic “Digital Technology & Sharing Economy” in this program.

(Bstyle)- Managing Director of Khriz Pharma Trading Inc – representative of Indian Entrepreneurs community delivered assessments before this honor ceremony  about the hottest topic “Digital Technology & Sharing Economy” in the framework of The honor ceremony of Top 100 International...

  (Bstyle)-According to a study recently published by the nonprofit organization American Action Forum (based in Washington), his commitment Donald Trump of expelling all illegal immigrants in the United States if he is elected President system can cause excessive loss of US GDP by about 2%.

(Bstyle)-The Australian government has recently banned a Chinese enterprise from acquiring 11 million hectares of the national territory of the country, which belongs to a real estate enterprise and the largest breeding in Australia.

(Bstyle)-"One of the things that I always try to tell myself that the US economy is not merely theoretical concepts. You can not re-orient, restructure and change economy without consequences" President Obama said.

(Bstyle)-A series of strong earthquakes rocking southwestern Japan has recently caused great damage to the supply chain of electronics. Sony, Mitsubishi Electric and chip maker Renesas are 3 among companies with factories in the area.

(Bstyle)-Mr Putin said that the Panama document is correct but the guys made advantage to slander.

(Bstyle)-Sunday meeting this week is the center of attention of the entire world's fuel market

"The person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean Peninsula or the world generally," Obama said at a news conference at the close of the Nuclear Security Summit.