Establishing Green Bamboo Media & Event after having gained experience in the field of event organization, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc and Green Bamboo’s team have had outstanding success and recorded strong impressions about Green Bamboo - Creativity, prestige, taking quality as a leading factor.

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From a Commercial Economic Engineer to Director of Green Bamboo Media & Event

Starting as a commercial and economic engineer for Vietsovpetro Joint Venture (Oil and Gas Company), women leader Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc, after nearly 8 years of working for Vietsovpetro, she recognized her passion for the event industry. As a person with leadership qualities and experiences gained from assuming positions such as Head of Communications, Marketing and Event team, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc decided to establish a professional freelancing team specializing in event organization. This is the premise for the establishment of Green Bamboo Media & Event Company to legitimize her own dream team having 8 years of experience flowing into a professional event organization.

Green Bamboo Media and Event was founded by her proudly to bring an innovative and enthusiastic event service provider, with the mandate to create successful events and provide high - class service that allows bonding between people and engaging with love.




Green Bamboo Development Journey

Having 8 years of experience in the field of event organization, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc and her team have recorded positive marks through the successful events for major partners such as BOSCH, TTC Group, Viettin Bank, VIB Bank, HD Bank, Vietcombank, Asia Bank and large oil and gas corporations in Vietnam ... It is not difficult to explain these unexpected successes because Green Bamboo has a dedicated team, who always works hard and is full of creativity. Each member of the team always fulfills the assigned tasks, contributing to the success of events in particular and the overall company in general.




One of the secrets to success of Green Bamboo and women leader Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc in particular is the philosophy of "Customer is family". In that philosophy, she always considers customers to be family members. “I always think that the services I do are for my family members, so I am careful in every little detail” – Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc shared. Therefore, Green Bamboo always concentrates on every detail, even the smallest in the process of organizing events for customers because "customers are very sophisticated, if the work I do is really passionate they will see and have long-term cooperation with us"

Happiness comes from simple things

Achieving remarkable achievements at a very young age but Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc is so humble. She doesn’t think they are achievements or victories. With her, making quality products to customers is happiness. Happiness after every event is the praise from customers and continues to accompany.

Sharing about her successes, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc said that her energy and belief in herself are the two most important things that bring her to present success. It sounds simple, but really, it was difficult, and not many people still maintain faith in themselves and have enough energy to keep moving forward the path of building their own careers after experiencing the stumbling blocks of life. However, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc did it. Thanks to the spirit of perseverance and the determination of Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc, Green Bamboo Media and Event has been established and is on the way to developing into a large event - organizing company, a leading reliable address for all brands who want to look for their "important occasions".




As a successful women leader, with achievements that many people admire, it means that Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc must always be busy with her projects. However, for her, family is always a top priority. Because of that, she always arranges reasonable work and takes time to take care of her children after stressful working moments in the market. "My happiness is very simple. It is when I see my children having fun, when my family is together, it makes me feel happy”- Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc expressed her heart.

WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019 - A brilliant milestone for youth

Participating WLIN Charming, for a long time, and currently serving as Vice President, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc said that this is the perfect environment for women who want to develop themselves and expand opportunities to connect with many big enterprises globally and locally. WLIN has not only given her more close relationships, but also helped her learn a lot of business experiences, as well as the know-how to preserve family happiness from other women leaders.

As a member of WLIN Charming, she participated in the WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019 organized by Women Leaders International Networking - WLIN Global, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc had outstanding appearance, ideal physique and confidence, received high appreciation from the Advising Board from the first days of the program. At the honoring night of WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019, held on January 17th, 2019, women leader Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc deeply impacted the audience with the image of the Queen in Ao dai. This helped her to be honored as "Women leader with the most beautiful traditional dress". In addition, at the presentation for top 6 women leaders, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc made progressive views on “The role of women leaders in the new era”. She said: “The women leader in the new era, is not only responsible for family and work but also responsible for society, because we always want our future generations to receive good values and live in good society. The role of the women leader in the new age is to inspire others, dare to dream, learn more, work more to help the society be better and better ”. With outstanding charisma and elegant behavior, the women leader Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc with her talent and modern beauty convinced the members of the Advising Board, as well as the audience of the program to be honored for the highest position of WLIN - Asean Queen Beauty 2019.




Two months have passed now, but the precious experiences in the journey of WLIN - Asean Beauty Queen 2019 still marks in Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc. The program facilitated her to show her artistic talents, as well as, to sharpening her public speaking skills. All create subliminal emotions and become a memorable experience for her.
Sharing the feeling when crowning WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc said that it was a continuous effort with the help of women in WLIN especially WLIN Charming. Achieving the title of Winner of WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019 was the time when Ms. Ngoc Truc surpassed her dreams, overcame the limits that she used to think were impossible to defeat.

Thanking the sincere advice from President of WLIN Global - Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong: "The title does not make us but we have to make the title shine", Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc in the position of winner of WLIN - Asean Queen 2019, said that she will work hard every day to improve herself and expand the market for business. In addition, she expresses her desire to contribute more to the community through social activities.




As an independent, resilient and educated woman, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc has formed a strong and assertive personality. Thanks to these characteristics, she has developed Green Bamboo successfully. In addition to expanding the scale of activities for Green Bamboo, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc also decided to "turn" to beauty field and focus on building community activities.

With the title of “Winner of WLIN – Asean Beauty Queen 2019”, in the upcoming stage, Ms. Tran Thuy Ngoc Truc will continue practicing and improving herself, along with WLIN Global in general and WLIN Charming in particular to develop WLIN Global to be a strong network and spreading WLIN's value of bringing communities closer.




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